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Karl Sanders - Discografia

5b415a0a74765006f122f979f487f751Karl Sanders
Nacimiento: 5 de junio, 1964 (45 años) Estados Unidos
Genero: Middle Eastern/Egyptian Ambient


Karl Sanders - Saurian Meditation (2004)

01.Awaiting the Vultures 03:52
02.Of the Sleep of Ishtar 09:35
03.Luring the Doom Serpent 04:00
04.Contemplations of the Endless Abyss 03:43
05.The Elder God Shrine 07:33
06.Temple of Lunar Ascension 03:51
07.Dreaming Through the Eyes of Serpents 06:16
08.Whence No Traveller Returns 05:36
09.The Forbidden Path Across the Chasm of Self Realisation 05:53
10.Beckon the Sick Winds of Pestilence 06:04
Total playing time 56:30

PASS: Usuario-RamMSLipK

Karl Sanders - Saurian Exorcisms [2009]

01.Preliminary Purification Before the Calling of Inanna 03:51
02.Rapture of the Empty Spaces 04:23
03.Contemplate This on the Tree of Woe 03:53
04.A Most Effective Excorcism Against Azagthoth and His Emissaries 05:29
05.Slavery Unto Nitokris 05:54
06.Shira Gula Pazu 04:59
07.Kali Ma 03:38
08.Curse the Sun 04:52
09.Impalement and Cruxifiction of the Last Remnants of the Pre-Human Serpent Volk 04:10
10.Dying Embers of the Aga Mass SSSratu 06:10
Total playing time 47:19

PASS: Usuario-RamMSLipK

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