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Wurdulak - Discografia

Origen: Noruega
Genero: Black Metal
Formado En: 2000

Maniac (Sven Erik Kristiansen) - Vocals (Skitliv, Mayhem (Nor), Voluspå, Bomberos (Nor), Totenkopf (Nor), Eibon (Nor))
Iscariah (Stian Smorholm) - Bass (Amok (Nor), The Clan Destined, Grimfist, Dead to this World, Enchanted, Immortal (Nor), Necrophagia, Ravens Creed, Twilight of the Gods)
Fug - Guitar (Necrophagia, Soul Forsaken, Ave Sathanas, Deride)


Creature Feature 2001 [Wurdulak - Gorelord]

1.Chosen Below05:29[view lyrics]
2.Burning Eyes Upon Eden04:09
3.Butcher Bob02:40
4.Crucified Goat Drenched In Blasphemic Blood02:41[view lyrics]
Total playing time14:59
PASS: Usuario-RamMSLipK

Wurdulak - Ceremony in Flames[2001]

1.At One With The Beast03:35[view lyrics]
2.Satanic Utopia03:54[view lyrics]
3.Cauterizing The Wounds Of Christ04:47[view lyrics]
4.Containment Of Inferno06:20[view lyrics]
5.Buried Beneath Perversion04:29[view lyrics]
6.Ceremony In Flames05:08[view lyrics]
7.Chosen Below05:29[view lyrics]
8.Gospels Of Depravity05:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time39:17
PASS: Usuario-RamMSLipK

Creature Feature Vol.2 [2002] [Wurdulak - Gorelord]


2.The Downfall Of Pity
[view lyrics]
3.Sin Eater
[view lyrics]
4.A Feast For The Undead

5.The House Of Unholy Horror And Gore

Total playing time17:33
PASS: Usuario-RamMSLipK

Wurdulak - Severed Eyes of Possession [2002]

1.Rescued by Oblivion04:09[view lyrics]
2.The Downfall of Pity04:19[view lyrics]
3.Unified Global Misanthropy04:11[view lyrics]
5.Son Of Man04:43[view lyrics]
6.Sin Eater04:16[view lyrics]
7.Perpetual Domination03:51[view lyrics]
8.Revelations03:58[view lyrics]
9.The Exquisite Taste of Selfishness04:13[view lyrics]
10.Severed Eyes of Possession02:51
Total playing time35:01
PASS:   Usuario-RamMSLipK

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