miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Damnation - Resist [2000] [Polonia]

Origen: Polonia
Genero: Death Metal
Formado En:1991

01.Your Pain is Not For Me 03:56
02.In Resistance 03:43
03.Confession 04:36
04.Voices of an Unknown Dimension 01:01
05.Absence in Humanity 03:25
06.Forsaken By Destiny 04:59
07.Against My Enemies 04:58
08.Invisible Force 00:59    
09.Down of My Feet 05:53
10.Blasphemy (Morbid Angel Cover)
11.A Mansion In Darkness (King Diamond Cover)
12.Tribulation (Possessed Cover)
PASS:   Usuario-RamMSLipK

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